Olive cut beauty sponge set BLACK

Olive cut beauty sponge set BLACK

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This set includes

  • a Latex free beauty sponge 
  • a silicone blender

When wet, the beauty sponge will increase in size, allowing your product to sit on top of the sponge, so you to use less. Your beauty sponge will return to normal size when as air dries. When dry, the beauty sponge is approximately 56mm from base to tip.

The silicone blender is made from silicone and is very hygienic. No more wasting your expensive face products as the silicone blender doesn't absorb anything and you'll only need about half the amount of product that you used to need using your brush or sponge.   

Directions for Use

Beauty Sponge

  • Wet your beauty sponge with water
  • Squeeze out the excess liquid, using a towel if available
  • Dab/ bounce primer, foundation, powder, cream blush, or any other complexion product across the face for flawless results

Silicone Blender

  • Take a small amount of liquid/ cream product and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread it evenly
  • Tap repeatedly to blend and settle your product, be sure to focus on edges, such as your jawline
  • For precise detailing, fold your silicone blender to form a 'point'
  • Alternatively, once initial application is done, use your sponge to blend and finish as normal.

How to Clean

  • Wash with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with warm water
  • Allow your beauty sponge/silicone blender to air dry 

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